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Here's what's new at Marjorie's Cracked Plate Jewelry Store!

   I've taken a short break from designing broken china jewelry to bring you some new sea glass pieces for the summer season.  

     Sea glass is a broken piece of glass that has been tumbled in the ocean and smoothed by water and sand to create a smooth, frosted glass and is then washed up on shore.  It's also known as beach glass or mermaid's tears.  Sea glass has become harder to find as we use less glass and more plastic.  My jewelry is designed using authentic sea glass found on the beaches of the Jersey Shore.

Brown sea glass wire wrapped pendant

Since the last newsletter, I've added sea glass pendants, such as this one    

         and necklaces                               and ankle bracelets                      and earrings.

         blue sea glass wire crochet necklace                              green sea glass wire crochet ankle bracelet                           sea glass & capiz shell earrings

white sea glass wire wrapped ring
           Yes, I've been busy!  There are even sea glass rings

                 Green sea glass wire crochet bracelet

and sea glass bracelets.

       And to go along with my "cracked" theme, there are some broken shell pendants such as this one.

broken shell wire wrapped pendant

    Click on the photos above to find those items.  

Also, international shipping is now available through this website's shopping cart.

I'll be getting back to designing more broken china pieces and will be adding them to the site, so stop back often to see what's new at Marjorie's Cracked Plate Jewelry Store!

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